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Enhance Your Beauty

Your natural beauty lies within, find it with our handcrafted skin care.

Bella di Terra products are made from natural plant essences, pure essential oils, rich fruit and nut butters, and powerful herbs. They are then paired with potent anti-aging ingredients.


Seasonal Favorites

Almond Butter – Toasted almonds with hints of hazelnut, toffee, creamed butter and vanilla to cleanse and replenish the soul. 

Apricots & Crème – Sweet apricot slices topped with whipped cream to bring out the playful side of you.

Blackberry Pie – Sweet berries blend with brown sugar & whipped cream.

Blueberry Vanilla – Sweet, juicy blueberries with a sugary sweet crumble topping and whipped cream.

Brown Sugar– Pure vanilla and sweet caramel combine with a touch of creamed butter to relax the mind and soothe the soul.

*Citrus Mint– Refreshing citrus fruits blend with sweet mint for an uplifting and rejuvenating treat.

Coconut Lime– Sweet coconut milk mix with pink grapefruit and crisp lime for a fresh, tropical treat.

Dreamsickle – Juicy oranges & vanilla cream satisfy every time!

*English Lavender - Pure light, sweet and crisp English Lavender buds to soothe and relax the mind.

Ginger & Honey – Freshly grated ginger zest drizzled with red clover honey and a touch of sage to revitalize the mind.

*Hempseed & Carrot – Fresh geranium mix with earthy hempseed, creamy carrot and a hint of pine.

*Hippy Dippy– Patchouli, sweet grass, nag champa and musk combine to center and create a relaxing and spicy treat.

Honeycrisp Apple – A Washington State special, juicy, crisp, and super sweet with a slight tang.

Lavender Vanilla – Traditional English lavender buds with a hint of rose, wildflower honey and vanilla.

Lemon Chiffon– Creamy lemon cake with orange zest, whipped cream and a hint of raw sugar.

Mango Coconut– A sweet, juicy tropical getaway bursting with creamy coconut and tangy mango slices.

Mango Papaya – Tropical fruit blend with tangy mangos, sweet papaya, and plumeria blossom.

*Mountain Geranium – Fresh rose geranium mixed with juniper, sweet orange & ylang ylang

*Noce di Cocco Fresca – Lightly sweetened ‘fresh virgin coconuts’ mix with pink grapefruit, a hint of lemongrass, and crisp greens for a fresh, tropical treat.

Ocean Shores – Drifting peach blossoms blend with soft florals and a top note of pink grapefruit for a clean, refreshing treat.

Papaya Peach– A summer favorite with fresh sliced peaches and sugared papaya.

Pineapple Coconut – Tangy fresh pineapple with fresh coconut milk and a hint of lemons, vanilla and pink grapefruit.

*Pink Grapefruit – Sweet, juicy and tart freshly sliced pink grapefruits.

Pink Lemonade– Sassy and sweet with California lemon, pink grapefruit and raw sugar cane.

Raspberry Grapefruit – Sun-kissed raspberries with pink grapefruit, passionfruit, tangerine and vanilla.

Satsuma – Uplifting with fresh orange, mandarin, mango, peach, lime, jasmine, and orange flowers.

Tangerine - A fresh blend with hints of sliced of grapefruit, oranges, lemons, strawberries, and ripe raspberries to rejuvenate the mind and body.

Vanilla Cinnamon – Warmed vanilla cake topped with cinnamon spice to celebrate and rejoice the blessings in one’s life.

Vanilla Sugar - Creamy vanilla beans blend with lightly toasted brown sugar for a soft, warm, comforting and clean scent.


Holiday Favorites


Bay Rum & Bergamot – Freshly pressed bergamot with bay leaves, spiced rum, leafy greens and myrrh.

*Chocolate Peppermint – Rich dark cocoa swirled with sweet peppermint candy.

Cranberry Mint – Tangy delicious cranberries blended with fresh peppermint and a hint of clove.

*Orangewood Spice – Orange zest topped with mandarin, lemon, cedarwood and cinnamon sticks.

Pumpkin Pie – Pumpkin, cinnamon, nutmeg and cloves, topped with fresh whipped cream.

*Rosemary Mint – A clean and uplifting scent that energizes and replenishes, with crisp mint and fresh rosemary.

Aromatherapy Blends

Choose any scent below, with no additional charge, if the product asks you to 'choose scent'. In addition to our Aromatherapy Blends, scents marked with an (*) are 100% essential oil blends, no fragrance oils are used. We use top grade essential oils and the very finest flower and plant essences. Our fragrance oil blends are high quality as well, using perfumers grade scented oils that capture the bio-original aromas.

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