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Your natural beauty lies within, find it with our handcrafted skin care.

Bella di Terra products are made from natural plant essences, pure essential oils, rich fruit and nut butters, and powerful herbs. They are then paired with potent anti-aging ingredients.


Customer Reviews

"Your Eye Potion #9 is the best eye cream I have ever used - and I have used all the top brands from Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus, etc."  

- Paula


"I LOVE the Marshmallow Mint Facial Cleanser and Lemon Chiffon Face Whip. My skin feels soooooo soft, I just love it. No other facial moisturizer has made my skin look so great, so fast. I keep touching my skin because bit feels so good. Thanks!"  

- Josephine


"I just love your Lemon Chiffon Face Whip and Eye Potion. My skin feels so soft, I just can not believe the difference it has made for my skin. Everything just smells so nice and fresh, not over-powering, but just perfect. I can't wait to try all the other products! Thank you!!"

- Vanessa

"I just wanted to send you a note to let you know how well the products are doing here at our spa. The people are very much enjoying the facials, and I am very much enjoying giving them! The products smell so fresh and wonderful, I am just so happy I found you!"

- Rhonda

"I wanted to send an email to say thank you. I purchased your headache and stress temple rub stick. I love it! I have chronic daily migraine with vertigo and I usually take a daily medication and end up taking various prescription meds for pain management and cessation of prolonged migraines. I have been using you product instead and it just really seems to open everything up and stop the headache from progressing. I can feel it bringing my senses back into a state of calm clarity. It smells so wonderful I love that it is not overwhelming as this can be difficult when migraine is accompanied by nausea or triggered by scents. I was also pleased to see that the oils were not too greasy as I use it frequently on my temples so it did not seem to clog the pores in that area as other remedies I have tried have done. I was hoping to find a lotion with similar scents or therapeutic properties on your site. Thank you for making such a great product. I will check back to see when you are in town again so I can purchase more to stock up."

- Colleen

"This was my second body wrap and I prefer this one because I felt more comfortable afterwards. I had the Pulire Lavanda Body Wrap Treatment. The first body wrap I tried, I sweat profusely for one hour and they did not clean me off or offer any shower facility. I felt so dirty I had to rush home and take a shower. In contrast, this one left me feeling clean and refreshed, with no residue or sweat left over. I am very happy with the results, and will definitely come back for additional treatments, and will highly suggest this treatment to my friends as well!"

- Andrea

"I have various lotions that I use on dry spots on my hands and feet I can slather them on, even several times, and those spots are still thick and dry. With your Body Souffle, though, it soaks right in, and my skin immediately feels and LOOKS better. Thank you!!!! (Also, cats generally don't like citrus scents, but my cat doesn't mind the Tangerine Body Souffle, which is really nice.)"

- Jennifer

"I have used the Body Soufflé everyday since I got it! Amazing! It has made my skin so soft & nourished. I especially had a dry spot on each knee (from playing on the floor with my children) but that is getting softer & smoother the more I use the soufflé! THANK YOU so much!! I feel & SMELL wonderful!"

- Tina

"I am not a morning person at all. My alarm goes off and I'll hit snooze forever if I can. The Get Up and Go! Neck, Wrist & Temple Rub is a lifesaver! I use it in the mornings before I go to school and it really helps me to wake up & get my day started. It smells delicious too!"

- Kori

"I used the Exfoliating Grains with oatmeal and sweet almond on my legs and had great results. The product is gentle and "gets the job done. I have used other exfoliating products with oatmeal that were harsh - but not this one. It's great to find an exfoliating product without fragrance. Thanks!"

- Linda H.

"I have oily, ultra-sensitive skin. It can be dry, yet prone to blackheads and pimples, and not just in the T zone. I had given up trying to find something natural to use on my skin, then I meet a woman selling her product line called Bella di Terra at the Farmer's Market. So glad I stopped to talk with her about my skin. I've been using her products for 3-4 weeks. The difference is truly amazing. My skin is smooth and soft. Clogged pores and bumps are almost gone. My daughter is using her acne soap, it's the only acne soap that she has ever liked enough to use everyday. I use the oily/normal skin line; bar face soap, Lavandin and Naouli, then moisturize with Face Potion #19. Several times a week I wash with Oatmeal/Almond Exfoliant and apply the French Clay Masque."

- Frances

"I have used 26 other acne products, including ProActive, Neutrogena, and Clearasil, and your Australian Tea Tree Facial Soap is the only one that has worked for me. After one week, my acne had faded significantly, and after 2 weeks, it has almost cleared up completely! I love that it's so easy, and that it smells good too! Thank you!"

- Lilly

"Your products smell good enough to eat, and I absolutely love the way my face looks after using the Lemon Chiffon Face Whip. I have tried a lot of other organic facial care products, and this one is my absolute favorite! My wrinkles don't seem as deep, and people say I look much more relaxed. People used to tell my I looked tired too because of the dark circles under my eyes. I have also been using your Eye Potion #9, and have noticed that my eyes look brighter. This has taken 10 years off of me, I can't thank you enough! Keep up the great work!"

- Sarah

"Eye Potion #9 - The BOMB! Stress-Free Headache & Temple Rub - I couldn't live without it! Ginger Peach Lip Balm...mmmm, yummy! There isn't a single product from Bella di Terra that I don't absolutely recommend! I use all the facial products for my skin type with excellent results. The Artisan Body Soaps are so luxurious and smell delicious enough to eat. The hand & body lotions are fantastic, spreading evenly and providing moisture comparable to none. The Body Polish and Body Souffle are an elegant treat every day of the week. The Shea Butter Lotion Bars are a wonderful travel companion and a must for every desk drawer. Try ANY of them and you will love them!"

- Heather

"I've tried dozens of products to exfoliate my skin. I LOVE the Sugar Face Polish and Brown Sugar Body Glow! They naturally scrub away dead skin cells while rinsing clean away. No small beads stuck in my hair, like many other facial exfoliating products I've tried. Both products leave my skin smooth and moisturized, and they smell delicious as well."

- Darlene


After suffering from adult acne and sensitive skin, I designed this line with a purpose: to create skin care products that address the unique needs of specific skin conditions by utilizing God's perfect natural ingredients. The result is toxin-free skin care that effectively nourishes and heals your skin at a cellular level. May your skin be blessed!

- Kelly, Founder of Bella di Terra Organic Skin Care

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